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Lexa=Lexa Doig

S-"I think this comm is dead."
W-"Me too. It's sad, nobody loves us anymore."
S-*does cute Daniel pout*
W-"Aww...poor Danny." *hugs*
S-*squeals like a fangirl* "Logan touched me!"
W-*giggles like a girl*
S-*swoons and then faints*

*a few hours later*

S-*wakes up, rubbing head* *reads what was written* "What the hell?"
W-*rolls over* "Shh, sleeping."
S-*stares in horror* "What have I done?"
W-"We got drunk because we were depressed that this comm has died and we fell asleep in the same bed."
S-"And what's that white stuff?"
W-"Oops. That's from me...I got a little excited when I made you faint by my manliness."
S-"Like I'm to believe that." *reads* "Oh."
W-"Yeah. Sorry about that."
S-"It's okay, as long as Lexa doesn't find out."
Lexa-"Michael? Is that you? I heard a scream and..." *steps in, sees the two naked men* "Am I missing something here?"
W-*stares in horror* " see..."
S-"Surprise! Threesome!" *grins*
Lexa-*raises eyebrow* "Cool." *gets naked and joins them on the bed*
W-"Uh..." *bangs head against headboard* "Wake up! Wake up! Damn it...WAKE UP!" *knocks self unconcious*
Lexa-*pouts* "Damn, and I was so looking forward to that threesome."
S-"Uh yeah, me too. Bummer."
Lexa-"Oh well." *sexes MS*

Remember that special hell? Well I blame Lexx.

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