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They're so young and pretty!

In case you forgot...
W-Michael Weatherly
S-Michael Shanks
Lexa-Lexa Doig
Rick-Richard Dean Anderson

W-*watching old school SG1* "Damn, Michael..."
W-*looks at Michael* *looks at screen* "Damn."
W-"Look at how young and cute you were!"
W-"What happened? You got...bigger."
S-"Hey! It's called buff."
W-*shakes head* "You used to look so cute and innocent. Now you're just beefy."
S-"You're just jealous that I have more muscles than you."
W-"At least I'm still cute."
S-"Fans still think I'm hot!"
W-"They think I'm hot too. Your fans are scifi geeks, they have no taste. Some of them still like Rick! And he's almost 60!"
S-"Hey, no dissing Rick. He's in great shape for his age...and he's not too bad in the sack either."
S-"What? It was his birthday yesterday."
W-"What, and his present was a shag from Michael?"
S-"If you're referring to sex, then yes."
W-"That's a bit too much TMI for me. What does Lexa think of this?"
S-"Well, after I fucked him, she fucked him too."
W-"I don't want to even know. See what age has done to you? I miss the old Michael."
S-*points at screen* "We didn't even know each other back then!"
W-"That's completely beside the point."
S-"Then what is your point?"
W-"I liked you better when you were young and cute. And didn't dye your hair."
S-"I do not dye my hair."
W-"Oh please...I've seen inside your bathroom...that 'hidden' cabinet isn't very well hidden, ya know."
S-"You've snooped around my house?"
W-"You really shouldn't leave stuff like that laying around."
S-"I've never left it laying around!"
W-"A-ha! So you admit it."
S-"What? I have no idea what you're talking about."
W-"You dye your hair."
S-"Oh...and like, you don't?"
W-"What, are you twelve? No, I don't...I don't need to."
S-"Sure. Because you're so young."
W-"I'm not saying I'm young, I'm just saying I don't need to dye my hair."
S-"At least I don't have chest hairs."
W-"You wax."
S-"Do not!"
W-"You and Lexa have waxing parties. It's a fetish."
S-*gasp* "How did you know?"
W-"I'm right?"
S-*shifty eyes* "No..."
S-"Shut up and watch cute young me."
W-"Okay." *looks back at screen* "Aww...isn't he just the cutest thing you ever did see?"

*sighs* I miss old school SG1 and young, cute Daniel.
I have the sudden urge to watch Dark Angel for Logan...because he's pretty cute there too.
Oh why do people have to go and get old on me? WHY?!


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