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Well, hello there.

RDM-Robert Duncan McNeill
RD-Roxann Dawson
RDA-Richard Dean Anderson
RPS-Real Person Slash/Ship

*W+S are watching a Star Trek Voyager convention tape*
W-Aww...RDM/RD...OTP! They're so cute together.
S-...*tisks* RPS is bad. You've gotta stop shipping actors.
S-Because it's not right, they're real people! Characters are okay, because they're not real. But real people is just wrong.
W-You wouldn't be saying that if I was shipping you and Lexa Doig.
S-...but I'm already married to her.
W-Riiight. "Married"
S-What's that supposed to mean?
W-That the "marriage" is just a cover for "us".
S-"Us"? What "us"?
W-*pats Shanks* It's okay'll remember soon.
S-*back away slowly* Okay, now I'm scared.

And...I give you two! For the price of...nothing.

S-*in a baby voice* You're such a little cutie, aren't you?
W-Excuse me?
S-Not you.
W-What the hell...did you buy a hamster?
S-Yes. Michael, meet Rick. Rick, meet Michael.
W-You named your hamster after your ex?
S-He's not my ex!
W-Right...your "special friend".
S-*rolls eyes* You know, just because people slash my character and his character doesn't mean we're doing each other. You've gotta stop slashing real people.
W-You're the one who named your hamster after RDA.
S-Well you would too. He looks just like him!
W-He's a hamster.
S-He's got the RDA gimpy eyebrow.
W-*smirks* You're a nutcase.
S-Hey, if you saw a hamster that looked like your best friend, you'd name it after them too.
W-So, I can get a hamster and name her Jessica Alba?
S-Only if she has her breasts.
W-*laughs* Then we could mate Jessica Alba with RDA.
S-That would be sweet. But how are we going to find a hamster with her breasts?
W-*rolls eyes* Oy.

Yeah, the originals I made up were better...but I made them up in the shower and I can't remember them exactly as they first were. Hurrah for my muse, Jack, randomly showing up to me in the shower with these two random ideas. Funny, because I was complaining (again) that he had left me...and poof! There he all his glory. xD


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